Gemini is located approximately 6 miles (10 kilometres) east of the town of Lida, Nevada, and consists of 247 placer claims totaling 4,940 acres (2,000 hectares The Lida Valley is a flat, desert basin with a similar geological setting to the better-known Clayton Valley basin.

A permit application has been submitted to the BLM for a 10-hole drill program to test for lithium brines at Gemini.

The results of a recent gravity survey, in conjunction with favourable local geology, namely late Miocene felsic volcanic tuffs adjacent to Gemini show a potential source of lithium for trapped, lithium-rich saline ground-waters (brine) within the sub-basins.

Previous ground gravity surveys in the Lida Valley area were widely-spaced and limited in scope, however in 2012 and 2013 a geological research team led by Dr. John Oldow of the University of Texas, Dallas collected approximately 500 gravity measurements along 7 transects crossing the Lida Valley. The detailed gravity survey results indicate strong gravity lows within two, faulted sub-basins approximately 7 kilometres (4.5 miles) apart, each interpreted to be hundreds of metres deep.

In February and March 2016, Nevada Sunrise received results from two TDEM surveys carried out at Gemini. The moving-loop TDEM surveys over Gemini West and Gemini East detected conductive zones within the sub-basins defined by Dr. Oldow’s gravity surveys. The results gained from the TDEM survey are interpreted to be conductive brines at depth located well below the non-conductive alluvium (sediments) at surface.
A conductive layer 150-250 metres deep appears to cover most of Gemini West and Gemini East, and several isolated strong conductive zones were interpreted at depths from 400 to 600 metres. The conductive layers and zones are indicative of brine solutions in porous aquifers and traps within each sub-basin.

Drilling into the conductive zones within the sub-basins for lithium-bearing brines is recommended as the next step of exploration. There are no known drill holes at Gemini.

Image of Gemini Property Location